Product features:
Zebra Opto-Profiler has following standard features (other features may be
implemented as engineering standard):
Measures wafers from 0.5" to 12" diameter (Model P-1D or A3 up to 45 cmx
45 cm Model P- 2E). Special macro-lens option available for samples
smaller than 0.5" (so called MACRO option)
Measures rough surfaces, wet surfaces
Non-contact method

Please contact our marketing department for sample of a measurement report.

Request sample measurements:
Please contact us and arrange for our lab to provide you with measurement on your own samples to better evaluate our Zebra Opto-Profiler technology.

Competitive advantages:
Our tool, in addition to topography, also calculates tensor glass for simple
patterns. This is quite a unique feature.
When considering capacitance competitors tools, please note that they tend
to be optimized for round wafers. Please also notice significant edge
When considering microscope scanners please note that most of them are
performing only a 1D scan in a reasonable amount of time.
Interferometers tend to perform poorly on structured or rough surface (ex.,
paint). Our tool does not have this problem.
We will also be happy to implement your sample holder requirements even if
they deviate from SEMI standards.

Principle of Operation:
Optoprofiler measures topography of a surface by the projection of a pattern. The
projected pattern is recorded by the CCD camera system and analyzed in real time
by image analysis software. Curved surfaces distort the recorded fringe image
pattern. Surface topography is measured by measuring the distortion of the
observed pattern.

Data Aquisition with high resolution camera (offered with 5 MP and more).

Proprietary algorithm analyzes the observed distortion of a projected pattern,
providing fast and accurate measurements of topography for uniform, colored, and
patterned surfaces. Analysis time is 10-50 seconds depending on the features of
the measured surfaces. For repetitive measurements of similar surfaces (as is
often encountered in mass production) measurement and analysis can be
further reduced to below 1 second.System employs class I light sources, and is
safe for humans and animals.

Hardware platform:
The Optoprofiler hardware platform is based on a robust frame. The external tool
frame is vibration isolated from the internal metrology platform comprised of
sensors, light sources, and the sample compartment. We provide more information
and photographs for hardware here.

contact our sales department for brochure describing metrology and its
specification in detail.

application engineers will be happy to provide you with specifications
corresponding to your specific application, and will be happy to arrange a system

For more information about our products and services please contact us to
request our brochures and technical product information. Please note that all
specifications are subject to change without notice.

ZebraOptical Optoprofiler

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The Opto-Profiler system is the optimum solution for measurement of bow and
Range of applications include:
Solar cell metrology
Coated glass flatness metrology
Mechanical parts metrology
Flat parts metrology
Plastic, Metal, and Composite parts
Micro-sockets (with microscope option)
Laboratory components
Packaging solutions for pharmacological industry