ZebraOptical Optoprofiler
ZebraOptical Microscopic Topology Recovery
Z-Coodinate from Microscopy Defocus

This option transforms a standard microscope
to a tool for precise topography measurement
of rough or feature rich samples.

Samples are brought in and out of focus using a
precision piezo stage. The defocused images
are then analyzed using a proprietary algorithm
to recover the topography and roughness of the

The unit is sold as an attachment to the
standard ZebraOptical Microscope system.

Technology is similar to that presented in the
Small Splatter metrology tool in our standard

Limitations: This system is limited to samples
which have feature rich surfaces, for which the
system can measure and analyze defocused
imaged. System is not suitable for the
measurement of smooth surfaces.

Field of view: ~100 um x 80 um
Depth of field: 0.18 um
Z resolution 0.1 um
Piezo Resolution: 0.03 um

The system is comprised of the Standard
ZebraOptical Microscopy system, the range
from defocus attachment, a control box
(similar to that pictured above), and a PC
including the image processing software.

Recovered sample topography using small
sample metrology system. The accuracy and
reproducibility depends on type of objective

Principle of Operation: A precision stage
varies the z-position of the sample to produce
both focused and blurred images.
Top: Standard Nomarsky Microscope
Bottom: Sample images brought into and out
of focus
System was used to analyze the topography of the
reverse side of a US cent.
Roughness and Surface Properties
Surface topography calculated using the Z-coordinate from defocus tool can be used to calculate
various surface parameters, including:

● Flatness
● Curvature
● Roughness Parameters
● Ra (arithmetic average)
● RMS (root mean squared)
● Rv (maximum valley depth)
● Rp (maximum peak height)
● Rt (maximum profile height)
● Rsk (skew)
● Rku (kurtosis)

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