ZebraOptical Optoprofiler
Megapixel Lenses
This is a wide angle lens.
Aperture: F1.6
Focal length: 4.2mm
Back focal length: 6.6mm
Minimum object distance: ≥0.2m
Horizontal viewing angle: 88°, 2ft
Mount type: M12 x 0.5
Image size: 1/3 inch
External dimensions: Ø14 x 15.3mm
Weight: 8g

Image format: 1/2 inch
Viewing angle: 28 (2) to 53° (3ft)
Focal length: 6 to 12mm
Aperture: F1.6
Mount: C
Minimum object distance: 0.3m
Back focal length: 5 to 12mm
Dimensions: 32 x 45mm
Weight: 85g

Camera Megapixel Lens:
Focal length: 6 to 60mm
Back focal length: 6.8 to 14.3mm
Minimum object distance: 0.3m
Aperture: F1.4
Viewing angle: 6 to 51°
Mount: CS
Image size: 1/3-inch
Dimension: 34 x 69.5mm
Weight: 112g

Industrial Megapixel Lens:
Aperture: F1.8
Focal length: 50mm
Minimum object distance: 0.3m
Horizontal viewing angle: 7°
Mount type: CS
Iris: manual
Image size: 1/2 inch
External dimensions: 33 x 43.2mm
Weight: 75g