ZebraOptical Optoprofiler
Meet the Team
Peter S. Walecki
Managing Partner
Peter Walecki is a Managing Partner of Sunrise Optical, LLC. He holds a bachelor's
degree in Electrical Engineering and has experience in several laboratories,
including those at NIST and multiple university labs. His main focus at SOLLC is on
signal processing, data analysis, and embedded system design.

Wojciech J. Walecki, Ph.D
R&D Manager
Wojtek J. Walecki received his Ph.D. In Physics and Masters in Engineering from
Brown university in 1994 and 1992 respectively, and Master Degree in Physics from
Warsaw University. He did his postdoctoral research at Cornell University. His
academic interests were focused on ultrafast spectroscopy of semiconductors and
semiconducting devices from UV to THz spectral range. Later he worked as
Semiconductor Diagnostics Program Manager, Product Manager, Worldwide
Product Manager, and Division Manager in several companies including LLC
managing development of novel metrologies for semiconductor manufacturing. He
is author of about 60 publications, and several patents.

Eve S. Walecki
Marketing Director
Eve Walecki is the art director of Sunrise Optical, LLC. She holds the equivalent of
an associate's degree in Chemistry and has experience in research lab settings,
and is the current marketing director for SOLLC.