Industrial End Point Detector
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End Point Detector (EPD) System
Main System Features
Phase sensitive detection enabling
precision measurements in the
presence of backround
illumination (room illumination)
Eye safe light source
Silent operation (system does not
have fan)
Robust optics, eliminating need for
user alignment
Same platform can also be used
for any transmission or reflection
Two models available, EPD-6 and

Main system components
System controller
USB communication with PC
Optical connector in front panel
Detector head
Optical guide connector
Shielded detector cable
Optical guide and electrical
detector cables
Standard length 6 ft (2 m)
Computer interface USB 2.0, and
documented dll libraries

System Specs:
LED Colors:
405, 465, 528, 574, 630, 660nm
(other wavelengths from 350 nm up to
1000 nm available)  

Modulation Frequency:
500 Hz, can be changed upon request
Acquisition time: < 1s

Available Gains:
Pre-amplification: 1, 10, 100, 1000
Post-amplification: 1,2,4,5,8,10,...,20000
Dynamic reserve 20-60 dB depending on

PC interface:
USB, dll Windows 7
Strip chart recorder, and standard
application available

Unit: 19x19x7', 30 lbs (approx.)
Probe: 2 lbs (approx.)
Electrical Power:50 W, 100/120/220/240
VAC, 50/60 Hz
Warranty: One year parts and labor on
defects in materials and workmanship

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