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Calibrated Camera
The calibrated camera product is one of the spin-off technologies of our core
Calibrated camera package
Stand-alone calibrated software for camera
Calibration standards
Special Calibration Projects and Products

The camera calibration is a process in which the quantitative relationship between
the world system of coordinates, X,Y,Z and array detector system x, y is determined.

CalSoft software,you can find the functional relationship between (real) world point
coordinates X
i, Yi, Zi and itsexpected position on image plane xi, yi. Furthermore,
any point having a known image (detector) plane coordinates x
i, yi, and known world
i coordinate, you may recover Xi, Yi, Zi.

Software development kit libraries (DSK dlls) included in the CalSoft package
allows you to integrate this capacity into your software.

Calibration Standards:
We offer two product lines of calibration standards:
Coplanar Standards- Compromising array of squares (checkered array) or
circles (polka-dot) array
Con-coplanar - Compromising of set of two coplanar standards mounted at
a fixed angle

All standards are available are available in a variety of sizes. Please contact our
application engineer for more details.
Calibrated Camera Package Comprising
CalCam 01
Calibrated 8 MP Camera Kit
Calibration Software Package
CalSoft v.2
Calibration Standards
Dot Model (Dot spacing and Diameter spacing) x
CalStan Dx
Checkerboard Model (size of square x)
CalStan Cx
Available x values: 0.5, 1, 3, 10 cm
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