The robust enclosure
(see photographs on right)
provides protection for the
measured sample and sensors,
while providing isolation from the
outside environment.

The measurement sensors are
vibration isolated from the external
Hardware Platform model P-2E - Enclosure
Metrology/Sample Module- Modular Concept
The metrology module bridge provides support for
multiple sensors, and allows us to upgrade your
tool in field (in your lab), without disrupting your
operations for shipment back to the factory.

In one of the implementations, the metrology bridge
is sold separately as portable unit as shown on the
photograph to the right. The robust technology
allows us to perform measurements in the
presence of the ambient illumination.
ZebraOptical Optoprofiler
The robust enclosure (see photograph, left)
provides the same protection for the
measured sample and sensors, while
isolating them from outside environment as
model P-1D, for samples up to 450 mm x 450
mm size.
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