OptoProfiler for uncoated and coated Glass
for Thin Film Solar Cell Manufacturing

Glass Substrate Metrology:
Bow, Warp, and Topography
Coating Measurement

TheOptoprofiler Glass Substrate Option has been demonstrated
to be a powerful tool for measurement of large coated glass

Optoprofiler Glass Substrate Option offers following advantages
1. It measures entire glass surface in < 4 sec
2. Can measure 2 m x 2 m or larger glass plates
4. Small footprint (4' x 6' or smaller for 50 cm x 100 cm glass)
for easy integration
5. Can operate in presence of moderate stray light
6. It is safe - Does not employ laser radiation  

Optoprofiler Glass Substrate Option system can be used in two
1. Reflective instant scanner configuration for bare glass
2. Standard structured light illumination for TiO coated glass

The Glass Substrate Option is to be customized
for user specifications. Please contact us at
sales@zebraoptical.com to arrange your sample measurements,
discussion with our engineering team, which will allow us  to
provide the best value solution.  

Standard  geometry strong signal in TiO coated glass  

Reflective geometry raw revealing roller wave

Reflection in tempered glass window  geometry raw revealing roller
wave distortion
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